Made by craftsmen in Italy

Complete Transparancy
We want you to know what you pay for. Designed in Amsterdam, and made in Italy using the finest materials available.
Direct to Consumer
European luxury with affordable prices. Combining modern technology, with artisanal craftsmanship.
Produced by craftsman in Italy, using sustainably produced materials, and making sure our product last.
Genuine Luxury
We don’t want huge logos or massive marketing budgets. We want to show off with our quality, and our craftsmanship.

Complete transparency, great quality, and timeless design.

This is what we stand for.

We are a passionate luxury brand creating timeless products made by artisanal craftsmen in Italy.

Based in Amsterdam we take great pride in how our collection is made, offering only the very best quality. We are currently producing at a few selected factories in Northern Italy.

Cutting out middlemen makes it possible to offer our products at a much lower price then traditional retail. We have a direct to consumer approach, putting our investment in our service, and products. We offer the finest high quality products, at a fraction of the price you would find in boutiques, or traditional luxury stores.

We make sure our product, and process is sustainable. This is vital to us.

We don’t like big logos. We just want to show off with our quality. This is why we source the finest materials ranging from Swiss made zippers to Egyptian cotton, and carefully select our factories.

There is a huge range of quality within the ‘same’ materials. We keep it simple, and choose the finest materials, creating genuine products.

Our luxury products are made to be used. It is why we can proudly say that our “cost per wear” is very low. Our products are a conscious choice, and an essential for anyone who believes in sustainable products.


By combining artisanal craftsmanship with modern sales platforms we can offer something unique; high quality luxury goods sold with minimum markups.

How do we define luxury?

Why does luxury necessarily have to be so expensive? Can luxury products also be accessible? What is real luxury? Can we redefine luxury by making its meaning; genuine, fair, beautiful, and extremely high quality? Why are so many products so expensive, of which we know that they are made of low quality materials, and are produced in sweatshops? Why are margins in fashion retail so crazy high? Why cant we find the very best quality of luxury clothing at a reasonable price, and at least at a normal margin? And if we sell beautiful luxury goods at a normal margin, why can’t we be transparent about this?

Quintessential European Luxury

We believe that the essence of luxury products is that they are beautiful, and high quality; regardless of the brand. We are going back to this traditional practice. Making beautifully crafted, and sustainable products.

We offer directly to the consumer cutting margins by not having middlemen. You only pay for the quality of the product itself.

Going back to basics with luxury: Only pay for quality